Friday, December 15, 2017


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Before I started training with Nina at BodyFit, I didn’t feel very good about myself.  I was nearly 260 lbs and couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs.  I felt much older than I was.  I really wanted to make a change, but didn’t know how to go about it on my own.  When I found out that I was one of the winners of the San Diego 6 “Get your BodyFit with Ruben” Challenge, I’d hoped that the opportunity would help put me on the right path.  What I actually got was so much more than I ever expected.

In the 3 months I was involved with the program, I lost 21 lbs., 14 inches and 6.3% body fat!  Also, I’ve completely changed my relationship with food.  Food no longer rules me, I rule it.  I know about proper portion size and balanced nutrition.  I’ve discovered lots of dishes that are low in fat and calories that are very yummy.  Another benefit, I’ve actually come to like exercise!  I never thought those words would come out of my mouth, but it’s true.  I LIKE TO EXERCISE.  When I work out consistently, I feel energized and I sleep better at night.

I got lucky when Nina picked me to work with.  She is an awesome personal trainer. She really pays attention to your individual needs and any limitations you may have.  She has a very inspiring approach in working with her clients – she was my biggest cheerleader.

If you’re looking for someplace or someone to help you reach your fitness and/or weight loss goals, I can’t recommend BodyFit enough.   Nina and Scott truly care about helping you reach your goals.

-Traci Doddy


I work out at BodyFit because Scott Bassler is well versed, not only as a trainer, but as a nutritionist.   Scott’s approach is to challenge clients while encouraging them to reach their goals.  During the time I have worked with Scott, I have seen an improvement in my ability to balance and exercise in ways I never would have been able to do on my own.    Still recovering from surgeries in both hands, I have seen an improvement in my grip and overall upper body strength.    I have worked out in gyms from coast to coast and BodyFit is the cleanest gym I have ever used.    When it comes to watching weight, rather than reinventing fitness or suggesting you need to work out 24 hours, Scott’s approach is time tested, burn more calories than you eat and you will lose or maintain weight.    I have had at least half a dozen trainers and Scott Bassler is, by far, the best and most knowledgeable trainer I have worked with and BodyFit is a functional, convenient, downtown facility that is setting a new standard for gyms in San Diego.

-Sam Hamrick


I like being active outdoors, but I was constantly doing the same thing (running and hiking) and I wasn’t see any improvement or changes, so I started working out with Nina as a fitness trainer. She helped me see the value in variation and immediately I saw positive results in my muscles and body’s performance level. I like having that personal attention with an expert who can show me how to do the exercises and stretches right and help me understand the fitness benefits for the areas we’re concentrating on.

Along with helping me focus on improving my health and performance in an informed way, I’ve appreciated Nina’s encouragement, flexibility, and personality. She’s determined to help me meet my goals, knowing when to push me where I might not push myself enough and when to let up so I can take a rest. My success is her success and it shows in her interest and positive approach.

My goals were to tone up and get in better overall shape – that included losing some weight. While I thought I was eating healthy, Nina and Scott guided me in looking at nutrition facts and portion control. One of the biggest changes I made was to start incorporating snacks, or rather, having 5 or 6 small meals a day, which helped me see better the calories in/calories burned ratio in effect when I started losing that weight.

Working out with Nina has been a life-saver for me. Because of demands from my work, the workouts have been a huge stress reliever, where it might’ve been easy to blow off if I didn’t have that regular exercise already scheduled. I think of this fitness training as an investment in my health and wellbeing for now and the future, because I know when I feel well, then I feel ready to face whatever life brings me.

-Patti, 46 years old


Hi Nina,

I have some good news to share with you that I hope will bring you cheer.

Just saw my doc and first of all he was amazed at all of my blood results particularly my cholesterol levels, he said he’s only seen such numbers on athletes and vegans.

total 132

HDL 68

LDL 56

He said he doesn’t care much for the total number; it’s the other two that really matter.

He said the HDL number tells him that I exercise a lot and the other number tells him I have a good diet. He asked if I’ve always been like that – we looked at my numbers from 3 years ago before I saw you and they were.

total 132

HDL 58

LDL 66

He said that means now I’m exercising a bit more than I was then and eating a bit better but that these numbers just floored him and I must have great genes.

Second, he’s amazed at the progress of my left shoulder.  He looked back at the MRI results and it showed not 2 but 3 tears! Partial, but still, that 4th ligament was just barely hanging on by itself. And he was impressed with how I’ve improved so much working with you. YAY NINA!

Just wanted to give you the update in all its glory and thank you for helping me get my shoulder back in order and keep my body in shape!

-BodyFit personal training client, 46 years old


When I decided that having a metal hip, metal knee implants, and having a heart valve replaced were no longer excuses to avoid fitness levels I once enjoyed when I competed in triathlons in my 30s, I got serious to find the right trainer.  In the past I had always trained myself but this time, at age 45, I knew it would be a bit more difficult and luckily my assistant found me Nina at BodyFit.   I had severe loss of muscle mass after my heart surgery as I was not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds for more than 5 months.  Nina evaluated me and found that my body was out of balance and was compensating from all of the surgery.  She took control of my training and customized it to get my weaker body parts strengthened without injury.  This approach got me to get back in touch with my body in a holistic manner and prepared me to age more gracefully, no more bad posture for me, no more back pain from weak abs.  7 pounds of new muscle mass in 4 months and a core that is much stronger.  I now hold the gym record for 8 minutes in plank position!  My children thank Nina and Scott for adding many healthy years to their father’s life.

Stephen Beck