"...by far, the best...”

I work out at BodyFit because Scott Bassler is well versed, not only as a trainer, but as a nutritionist.   Scott’s approach is to challenge clients while encouraging them to reach their goals....I have worked out in gyms from coast to coast and BodyFit is the cleanest gym I have ever used. I have had at least half a dozen trainers and Scott Bassler is, by far, the best and most knowledgeable trainer I have worked with and BodyFit is a functional, convenient, downtown facility that is setting a new standard for gyms in San Diego.

— S.H.

“I can't recommend BodyFit enough"

In the 3 months I was involved with the program, I lost 21 lbs., 14 inches and 6.3% body fat!  ...I’ve actually come to like exercise!  I never thought those words would come out of my mouth, but it’s true.  I LIKE TO EXERCISE!  When I work out consistently, I feel energized and I sleep better at night.

If you’re looking for someplace or someone to help you reach your fitness and/or weight loss goals, I can’t recommend BodyFit enough.   Nina and Scott truly care about helping you reach your goals.

— T.D.

"BodyFit is a functional, convenient, downtown facility that is setting a new standard for gyms in San Diego."

— Sam, Client


“Immediately I saw positive results.”

I like being active outdoors, but I was constantly doing the same thing (running and hiking) and I wasn’t see any improvement or changes, so I started working out with Nina as a fitness trainer. She helped me see the value in variation and immediately I saw positive results in my muscles and body’s performance level. I like having that personal attention with an expert who can show me how to do the exercises and stretches right and help me understand the fitness benefits for the areas we’re concentrating on.

— P

"Just saw my doc...he was amazed...”

Just saw my doc and first of all he was amazed at all of my blood results particularly my cholesterol levels, he said he’s only seen such numbers on athletes and vegans.He said that means now I’m exercising a bit more than I was then and eating a bit better but that these numbers just floored him and I must have great genes.

Second, he’s amazed at the progress of my left shoulder. ...And he was impressed with how I’ve improved so much working with you. YAY NINA!

— A


“I now hold the gym record...”

 I had severe loss of muscle mass after my heart surgery as I was not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds for more than 5 months.  Nina evaluated me and found that my body was out of balance and was compensating from all of the surgery.  She took control of my training and customized it to get my weaker body parts strengthened without injury.  This approach got me to get back in touch with my body in a holistic manner and prepared me to age more gracefully, no more bad posture for me, no more back pain from weak abs.  7 pounds of new muscle mass in 4 months and a core that is much stronger.  I now hold the gym record for 8 minutes in plank position!  My children thank Nina and Scott for adding many healthy years to their father’s life.

— S.B.