Work Out Smarter. And Harder.

Metabolic Testing and Vo2 Peak Exercise Test 

There is nothing wrong with working out harder, in fact, we believe you should. However, there is something to the notion of also working out smarter. Metabolic testing at BodyFit Complete Fitness gives us (as trainers) and clients an insight into not only the current state of someone's fitness, but what they have to do to change it. Often, metabolic testing can be just the tool you need to break through that weight loss plateau (and we all hate the dreaded plateau). Your Vo2 Peak Exercise test, on the other hand, directly measures the volume and gas concentrations of inhaled and exhaled air. It is the gold standard of one's cardiorespiratory fitness. Combined, these tests will pinpoint where you need to be intensity-wise to see the best fat-loss and muscle growth/maintenance results. 

As San Diego personal trainers, it's our job to help you break through to your next weight loss or fitness goals. We use metabolic testing and Vo2 Peak Exercise tests to identify: 

  • how efficiently your body is burns fat
  • your aerobic threshold (max level you can work without entering anaerobic state)
  • your maximal oxygen intake
  • your capacity to perform sustained activity

BodyFit San Diego offers two variations of this testing, metabolic and Vo2 Peak.

Metabolic Testing:

A resting metabolic test measures how many calories you burn at rest.  This is a vital piece of information when designing a weight loss/gain regimen. Measuring a person’s metabolic rate allows us to construct an effective weight loss/gain plan based on individual caloric needs.  As a San Diego metabolic testing location, we can test you right here in our gym! It's quick and painless. Resting metabolic testing sessions consist of you kicking back with a mask on attached to our testing machines. Your breath is analyzed and the results are printed right away.

Everyone from gym newbies to seasoned athletes can benefit from our resting metabolic testing. As with our other tests, we use the results to build a tailored personal training program.

Vo2 Peak Testing

Not as leisurely as the metabolic test, subjects wear a mask while exercising on their cardio machine of choice with increasing intensity until exhaustion. This test provides accurate fitness testing based on oxygen consumption and is the gold standard of one's cardiorespiratory fitness.  The data collected at BodyFit can then be used as the foundation for customized exercise programs that truly meet the needs of the individual and help clients reach their fitness goals in the most efficient manner. During this test, we are also able to gather your maximum heart rate that we combine with your resting heart rate to determine your ideal heart rate range during exercise.

The data collected through your exercise assessment can then be used by your BodyFit trainer to create an individualized training program based on target heart rates identified in the test.

For personal training clients, BodyFit metabolic testing is recommended at the beginning and ending of personal training calendars so you can see how far you've really come!

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