Spring 2018 Training Special

Happy Spring!  

To celebrate the warmer weather and longer days we are offering a free resting metabolic rate test with the purchase of our 20 personal training session package.

Offer valid until 4/30/18

Why Test your Metabolic Rate?

Metabolism is the process of converting food (calories) into energy. The efficiency with which your body does this is referred to as your metabolic rate.

Many factors affect a person’s metabolic rate such as weight, age, body composition, hormone levels, and gender making it an extremely unique number. Understanding your body’s unique metabolic rate will allow your BodyFit trainer to accurately customize your weight loss or maintenance program around your needs.

How does the test work?

KORR Metabolic Analyzers utilize the same technology as ICU metabolic testing. Because every calorie a person consumes requires a fixed amount of oxygen to be converted to energy, the KORR Analyzer measures the oxygen you consume to calculate calories burned.