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6 Not so healthy health foods

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Six foods that might not be as healthy as you thought…

Functional Foods: Top 10 Trends for 2014

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Functional Foods: Top 10 Trends for 2014.


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We want to congratulate our on-site nutritionist Scott Bassler on being accepted to the 2012 Iowa State University dietetic internship.  His last step before becoming a Registered Dietitian!

BodyFit Bundle

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A great way to jumpstart your fitness goals this new year.  The BodyFit Bundle combines all aspects of fitenss to get you on the right track.  The BodyFit Bundle includes: Postural Analysis/Anthropometric Measurements (circumference measurements, Body fat) New Leaf Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment 2 Nutrition Counseling Sessions 2 Personal Training Sessions The BodyFit Bundle is […]

Dieticians endorse food over pills

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According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, nearly 53% of Americans take a daily multivitamin, at an annual cost of $4.5 billion.  However, The American Dietetic Assocation says a nutritious diet, not pills, is the best way to promote health and reduce the risk of disease.  To find out if your diet consists of an adequate amount […]

Words of wisdom about healthy eating

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Some words of wisdom from Michael Pollan: 1.  “Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” 2.  “Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.” 3.   “Don’t eat anything that won’t eventually rot…There are exceptions — honey — but as a rule, things like Twinkies that never go […]

Optimal Nutrition

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Groupon Deal of the Day (12/29/09): $45 for $90 Toward One Week Starter Plan of Custom-Made Organic Meals and Energizing 91 Bars at Optimal Nutrition. You have all heard me rave about this and now you can try it! This deal is only happening today on Groupon! You can get almost a full week’s worth […]


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We have teamed up with Optimal Nutrition to help make eating healthy a a little easier! Visit for more information.