Friday, December 15, 2017


Personal Training


At BodyFit we offer personal training with a certified and experienced personal trainer.

It is our job to tailor your  personal training sessions to your individual needs and goals. 

We specialize in functional training.  The purpose of this type of training is to train the body for the activities performed in everyday life.  This method of training results in increased strength, balance, and stability, less incidence of pain, and more efficient movement.  We are also qualified in many other types of training as well such as weight loss, sports performance, muscle gain, and many more.

We use a variety of assessment techniques to determine the right type of training for your goals and your unique physiological characteristics.

One of  the most important components of an exercise program is education so we strive to educate our clients on all the components that go into leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Gym memberships are not required to purchase personal training but are recommended.

Please call for packages and pricing.



“Good health is about being able to fully enjoy the time we have. 

It is about being as functional as possible throughout our entire lives.”

-T. Colin Campbell, PhD

(The China Study)



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san diego personal trainer 

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san diego personal trainer



Outdoor Fitness Class


San Diego bootcamp

Group photo


Get fit in one of the city’s most scenic locations!

Cardio, strength training, and stretching will be combined in this 60 minute outdoor session. All fitness levels welcome!

Saturday mornings at 10am in Balboa Park on 6th Ave across from Nutmeg + Olive

Class is free for BodyFit members and $15 per person for non members.

Towels, water bottles, and mats are provided.

Please call to reserve your spot due to limited availability


san diego bootcamps


san diego bootcamp                                                                                                                                        san diego outdoor fitness class


san diego bootcamp                         

 Time for a little instruction